Friday, 13 July 2012

What is SEO?

Now you have probably been asleep for the past few years if you haven't heard of SEO but hearing about something and knowing what it means are two different things!  So just what is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a technique that enables websites to be found when people type in certain keywords and phrases into the search box on a browser.  Say, for instance that you searched recently for restaurants in North London, those sites that came up on page one would most likely have had some SEO work to get them to the top positions and will continue to need SEO to help them to retain these rankings. An SEO company works to get their clients on to the top pages for the keywords that people will use to search for their products or services.

Search engines are not human - they are text driven.  They cannot be impressed by cool logos and impressive graphics they can only handle text - which is why the content on a website will always be the most important element.  They will need to crawl, index and process this text before they can deliver search results - effectively what you see on page when you search for something. 

The SEO process will involve the creation of backlinks - these are links pointing from elsewhere on the web to your domain.  The higher the variety of domains these are pointing from the better.  As time goes by in an SEO campaign the number of backlinks and referral URLs should increase steadily and it is this increasing number of backlinks that tells the search engines your site is popular and encourages them to rank your site more highly in the search engine results pages.

To find out more about how SEO works you can speak to your SEO company or visit SEO it Right at for more information.

Posted by Frances Berry