Monday, 28 May 2012

Relationship between SEO and new businesses

For those who are thinking about starting up a new business venture there will be a lot of factors to consider if the venture is to be successful - choosing the right premises, budgeting for communications (telephone, mobiles and internet)and factoring in the cost of office equipment and any wages will be top priority - but businesses also need to think about marketing themselves from the word go if they want anyone to know they exist. SEO is a cost effective form of marketing and whilst it may not be top of the priority list for start up businesses there are plenty of reasons why it should be:
  • SEO is targeted - by determining a target market you can optimise for relevant local or generic keywords
  • SEO is cost effective - you can start ranking for keywords within a matter of months for relatively little outlay
  • SEO is flexible - you can change your strategy to adapt to market changes or the introduction of new products/services 
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